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Dusting off the bins from storage…still searching for the box with the lights…third trip to the grocery store in 2 days…The Holidays are Here!!  Totally nuts…but it’s the best!

Ten Years ago this week
Get Used To It, Stephanie’s solo debut reached Number 40 on the R&R (Radio and Records) CHR/Pop Top 50 Indicator chart! After 3 months of climbing upward with “most added” and “most increased plays” rankings, the song broke onto the chart at number 47 — a monumental feat, seeing that we were 1 of only 2 independent artists on the chart.  We were in… Read more

We have finally made the leap into the world of Instagram. No, the coffee was not some fancy gourmet, as you can see here.

Come join us to see our near daily posts.

Isn’t the frothy, bubbly, melted marshmallow floating on top the best part of the hot cocoa? Well, here’s your musical equivalent: Sunshine Collective’s new holiday single, The City That Forgot to Snow. Sweet and satisfying.

I am busy updating / replacing our flash image gallery with the new, more flexible gallery.  I hope this will make the site a little more exciting and definitely easier for us to update with new photos.  Here is my first gallery, our album art: