Sunshine Collective is Stephanie Richards & Brian Arbuckle. Married music makers who Wanna Play.  (wink).

Stephanie, a former NYC actress and cabaret singer, flew south to Nashville and discovered that she wasn’t so much a bird, but more a fish out of water.  “Not enough this, too much that”.  grinding to a halt.   Out of the muck, though, she discovered songwriting and the door (which was facing West) to her life in music today.

Brian, a classically trained composer, cut his teeth in Atlanta, writing music for trailers and commercials.

In that heyday of …., Brian hired Stephanie to sing on a movie trailer.  There’s some more details in the “in between”, chronologically and geographically, but we’ll skip to the part where the pair landed in Los Angeles, and two little girls brought all the Sunshine into their lives.

The “Collective” part of the Sunshine features a bevy of outstanding musicians including multi-instrumentalist Dan Weinstein, who deftly moves from seductive summertime violin on “Love Makes Life So Sweet” (track 3) to tipsy trumpets and trombones of Dixieland on “Mad About You”, (track 10); Gin Blossoms’ Jesse Valenzuela co-writes and jams in an acoustic four-on-the-floor “This Day” (track 8); and “Legs” Larry Smith of the Bonzo Dog Band narrates “Love Makes Life So Sweet”‘s reprise (track 12).

Prior to Sunshine Collective, Brian and Stephanie had an R&R CHR Pop Top 40 hit with Stephanie’s debut single, “Get Used To It”, and have had songs placed in independent films, HBO, and most recently CBS Televisions’ The Doctors. Brian’s orchestral compositions can be heard on trailers and promos for the biggest networks and studios, including trailers for Benchwarmers, Catwoman, and Spider, as well as network promos for shows such as Cold Case, Big Bang Theory and 60 Minutes.

Wanna Play? the debut release of Sunshine Collective, is the pairing of singer/songwriter Stephanie Richards and composer/songwriter/producer Brian Arbuckle. Unapologetically upbeat, feel-good and fresh, the music skips through a vocabulary from romantic classical arrangements, the charms and craft of American Song, and the pop sounds of the 60’s and 70’s – all wrapped up into a top down, “head sunward”, 12-track road trip.